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Environmental Education and Training Program

Published on AidPage by IDILOGIC on Jun 24, 2005

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Funds shall be used to establish an education and training program which shall include, at a minimum: (1) classroom training in environmental education and studies including environmental sciences and theory, educational methods, and practices, environmental career or occupational education, and topical environmental issues and problems; (2) demonstrations of the design and conduct of environmental field studies and assessments; (3) development of environmental education programs and curricula, including programs and curricula to meet the needs of diverse ethnic and cultural groups; (4) sponsorship and management of international exchanges of teachers and other educational professionals between the United States, Canada, and Mexico involved in environmental programs and issues; (5) maintenance or support of a library of environmental education materials, information, literature, and technologies, with electronic as well as hard copy accessibility; (6) evaluation and dissemination of environmental education materials, training methods, and related programs; (7) sponsorship of conferences, seminars, and related forums for the advancement and development of environmental education and training curricula and materials, including international conferences, seminars, and forums; (8) supporting effective partnerships and networks and the use of distant learning technologies; and (9) such other activities as the Administrator determines to be consistent with the policies of the Act. No funds made available for this program shall be used for the acquisition of real property (including buildings) or the construction or substantial modification of any building.